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Free International delivery with S$150 spend

About Annielka

Annielka, pronounced An-yel-ka, is the personal vision of style & jewelry-obsessed, Sydney-born Founder and Creative Director, Angela Wozniak.

"Annielka is a woman who is intelligent, ambitious, sophisticated and worldly. She enjoys the finer things in life, values handmade creativity and handmade quality. She travels through life as a modernist, always meticulously groomed, letting the allure of uniquely sculptured metals and jewels define her style."

Tired of the mass-made copy-cat jewelry on the high street and bored with the bold logo designs in the luxury chain stores, Angela stepped into the world of independently designed jewelry to bring her vision to life.

The result is a wonderland glittering with beautifully designed, limited handmade jewelry to gift yourself and your loved ones, by passionate jewelry designers whose pieces are true life-long investments.

Whether your looking for a meaningful birthday, anniversary or graduation gift, or simply looking to treat yourself with something beautiful, Annielka is your new personal trinket box for luxe handmade designer jewelry.

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